Is there any place for Warcraft 4?

As we assume, everybody know there isn't any official information about Warcraft 4, but we could assume that the Warcraft 4 release event soon will be take place, but why?

New patch for Warcraft 3 and an event

Blizzard has thrown a brand new patch for warcraft 3, this could be absolutely a sign, that blizzard opened the desk, and want to warm the original Warcraft community for something new.

  • There was many changes, 
  • Native 16:9 Widescreen Support 
  • 24 Player Limit
  • Mana Bar 
  • Display New and Improve Map Pool
  • Clans may now be created
  • Hero Balance Changes
  • Launch of the Mac Client
  • World Editor Upgrades

These kind of changes want to warm the oldschool players to play with the game, play some multiplayer.

Moreover, they made an event with some of the best players, which could assume again the same story, as the want to warm the community for something new, which could be the Warcraft 4 release.

What blizzard says about Warcraft 4

In the past, they always deny the possiblity of the release, but in the last 2-3 years, they made some statements about that there could be Warcraft 4. 

warcraft 4 - blizzard responds

They said that, Warcraft 4, if there ever could be, that sure will started to develope after the Starcraft 2's last expansion. Currently, the Starcraft 2's last expansion came out, so there are chances that they started to working on the new Warcraft.

They said "Blizzard is keen to develop new Warcraft games, they say it all depends on what fans are after."