Warcraft 3 remastered - a sign of Warcraft 4

There are many expectations which says this year, at the official event of blizzard, at the Blizcon, they will release or give a release date for the remastered Warcraft 3, which could be a sign of Warcraft 4.

Warcraft 3 remastered

The chances of a remastered Warcraft 3 is so big, as they made a new patch, thrown an event, made some changes, and warmed the community (see what happened: https://www.warcraft4beta.com/2018/04/is-there-any-place-for-warcraft-4.html)

The scene is sure that they will release the remastered edition, which could be a sign of Warcraft 4.

warcraft 4 release date

The time has come for Warcraft 4

Blizzard currently isn't developing any RTS game, the Starcraft 2's storyline ended, Diablo 3's story line ended, the whole RTS developer Team is lack of any job. As they warm themself with some Warcraft 3 changes, it could be a big sign that they want to continue the Warcraft storyline (there could be some problems with the story, due to World of Warcraft)