The most important news about Warcraft 4’s release

We absolutely know that Warcraft 4 will announced after the movie’s release. As the movie came out, we could tick off it. We loved the movie, hopefully will be a new one. Tim Morten, blizzard’s developer says, they have plans for new rts games, as Starcraft 3 and Warcraft IV too. And he said everything depends on the fan’s feedbacks, more and more feedback about the game, the chances will be higher to start the developement (Our site released as a unofficial fan site, we want some feedbacks for blizzard to prove our demands – check our petition at the&nbs and sign it). Tim Morten said their currently important project is to finish Starcraft 2’s last expansion, Legacy of the Void.

And yaay, there was an interview, many of use don’t remember, but one of the developers said Warcraft 4 announced after the last expansion of Starcraft 2.
An other developer says there will be a new RTS game, but he didn’t mention the name of the game, as Warcraft 4 is an RTS, and other projects will be finished soon, probably he talked about W4

Warcraft 4 release date

What fans wait about blizzard’s release

Many people says less eSports more Fun, content and classic gameplay. As Warcraft 3 came out in 2002, the players became adult, they have job and family, they want not much competitive components and more classic and fantasy elements. They want more RPG things, many people hate Starcraft 2 because of no heroes and no RPG elements at all, as Warcraft 3 has some really great RPG features as heroes, items, quests, spells. Some fan want a great map editor too, which could be really perfect, as we remember, custom maps made Warcraft 3’s gameplay really good, just remember: DOTA, Tower Defens – just some to mentions, these styles are well liked nowadays too, Warcraft III and the fans made them. Some of us, want a Warcraft 3 HD – edition with widescreen support and better animations and models before the release, and probably a free to play Warcraft 4 beta.

Warcraft 4 blizzard responds

There could be some problems with Warcraft 4’s story

As WoW continued the Reign of the Chaos’ and Frozen Throne’s story, and there are some new story lines probably they have to develope some story transition, there are two options. Firstly, the integrate the WoW expansions’ stories into the Warcraft 4’s story. This could be the most real possibility, as there are many story options in the lore. Or there could be a new story similar to WoW’s, as the “real” heroes (not as our adventurer) , probably not the exactly same as WoW’s.

When, and where will be Warcraft IV?

As in our other articles, we think Warcraft 4 will be announced at BlizzCon at 2016 or 2017. As SC2 story ends, there must be something new, they made a Heart Stone, OverWatch, and the Legion. The official release date will be at 2020-2021 depends on the complexity and the story ideas.
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